What makes us Different ?

Made from Real Whole Herbs & Spices


Our spices and seasoning are made in-house from real whole garlic, whole cinnamon sticks, red asian chilli, premium seaweed, whole black pepper and premium sea salt. We carefully select our herbs and process them in-house without added artificial flavouring, chemicals or preservatives. The result is a great tasting chip that’s light, easy to eat with all the goodness of nature

Superfood Richer in Nutrients, Proteins and Minerals

Banana chips are a healthy alternative to conventional chips. They are high in fiber and low in sodium. Fiber slows down digestion and makes you feel fuller longer. Banana is also a rich source of potassium, manganese and iron that helps transport oxygen to our cells. While the chip version will never compare fully with a whole banana, it still retains a lot of the health benefits including key Minerals and Vitamins like B-6 and A.


1/2 pack

=1 cup of fresh fruit.

=218 Calories

= 225mg potassium

*1/2 pack of 80grams Banana chips

A familiar yet different cut

Traditional banana chips are coin cut and thick, we on the other hand cut of chips thinly closer to a crisp. This gives a crunch texture that is familiar to our daily snacking. Whether you eat it alone or pair with a sandwich its a great snack for all occasions.

1/2 pack

1/2 pack